Growing the Mind Through Music

Stanford University psychology professor Carol Dweck defines growth mindset as the belief that the most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. Learning how to think in the growth mindset is an essential part of being a happy and successful musician. The musical theatre field is not for the faint of heart; there is a lot of rejection that comes with the industry. There’s rejection that comes with auditioning for schools, auditioning for shows, and auditioning for agencies. Having a growth mindset about rejection is how actors stay happy and healthy. One of the most famous phrases … Continue reading Growing the Mind Through Music

The 21st Century Musician: Lifelong Learning

Music is a constant part of our lives. It develops with the world and is shaped by musicians around us. However, what is necessary of the 21st century musician? There seems to be four key skills required of a 21st century musician: Musicality, Career Management, Personal Management, and a Growth Mindset. When we think of the development of music with the world, we highlight the importance of a growth mindset in the these musicians. A growth mindset is imperative to all 21st century musicians because it allows the musician to develop as a musician and music to develop as a … Continue reading The 21st Century Musician: Lifelong Learning

Growth Mindset

In my experience as a student and musician, maintaining a growth mindset is anessential key to success as a performer and as a human being. What exactly is a growthmindset? According to psychologist Carol Dweck, it is the practice of keeping an open and focused mind in order to learn and experience new things in hopes of improving one’s skills and talent. This is presented in opposition to the practice of a fixed mindset, which can lead to one deciding they are incapable or unwilling to learn and improve. While the idea of a fixed mindset sounds quite harsh and … Continue reading Growth Mindset

Path to Success for Musicians: Developing Growth Mindset

How can you  create success in your career? One important element is developing the growth mindset. Growth mindset is the belief that talent and intelligence are the starting point, but that success comes as a result of hard work, experimentation, learning, persistence, and growth. Those with a growth mindset tend to be resilient, work harder, embrace collaboration with others, and thus achieve greater success than those with a fixed mindset because they are motivated by the desire to grow and learn. Nowadays, musicians are getting more and more competitive in their careers. Performers are taught to aim for perfection in … Continue reading Path to Success for Musicians: Developing Growth Mindset


OCU’s orchestra houses a multitude of amazing players, but the string section is small. The school chooses the top-ranking players to play in the pit for their theatre productions. Therefore, it is extremely common to see the same people in the pit over multiple shows. In my case, I’ve performed in nine shows since coming to OCU. I never realized how taxing it was to my well-being until the day before showtime during tech week for Sideshow earlier this year. On that day, something happened to me that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. I woke up that morning completely unmotivated. … Continue reading Shutdown

Artistry for the Artist

Artistry is a term that any person with a minimal interest in human expression likely knows. Google defines the word as “noun: creative skill or ability”, but this doesn’t cover even the tip of what artistry needs to be for a successful professional musician. It is fully assumed that a professional will have skill, and creativity is a known necessity in any artistic field. Ability also adds almost nothing substantial to the equation; of course one would need to be able to perform the desired tasks of their art form. Artistry, to me, is something far less tangible. Artistry appears … Continue reading Artistry for the Artist

Don’t Be Thirsty: Networking vs. Dis-ingenuity

We all have people we look up to, whether it be a mentor, colleague, or our idols. We all want to be at least acquainted with those we view as successful. Making connections is important in any field, but in the world of performance, networking is seen as a vital skill. Because of this, it is easy for an individual to create insincere interactions while attempting to network with others. To avoid being “thirsty” when developing professional relationships, it is important for a musician to expand their worldview and focus on finding ways to develop deeper bonds with others in … Continue reading Don’t Be Thirsty: Networking vs. Dis-ingenuity